Iva and Augustin
These teens could have sex anywhere, but they choose this farmers field. There was something about having sex outdoors that really turned them on and it was definitely a lot more exciting than having sex in the bedroom again. There wasn´t a likely chance that they would get spotted by anyone, but even the slim chance turned them on. It wasn´t long before they gave into their sexual urges and she took his cock inside of her warm pussy. With the cool late day air flowing over them, everything seemed so perfect.

Karolina and Kristof
It all stated with an innocent walk into the woods for these two teens. However, when they found this natural bedroom, they decided to make the afternoon even more interesting. They´ve had sex in a lot of different places, but it was always indoors. This was their first time ever having sex outside. However, after watching them in action, I have a feeling that this won´t be their last time having sex outdoors. He´s never fucked her this hard before, he´s so turned on having sex outdoors.

Length: 24m:56s

Karolina and Kristof
This cute teen looked so innocent, but this was all her idea. She wanted to have sex outdoors, someplace where they could be all alone. She rubbed his cock through his jeans, feeling him become turned on. That was all that she needed and her clothes started to come off. His clothes were soon the ground next to hers. They took turns pleasing each other orally, but it was just a build up for what was coming next. He climbed on top of her and pushed his cock inside of her, making this adventure perfect.

Irenka and Andel
Normally, this farm area is full of workers. However, today they´re all off from work for the day. These two teens are all alone and soon they can´t control themselves any longer. They fall into a pile of hay and their clothes start to come off. Soon, he has his face buried between her legs, tasting her delicious teen pussy. He can´t wait to fuck her tight cunt. He decides to make it even more interesting by bounding her hands together with a leather strap that he finds hanging on the wall.

Length: 29m:30s

Irenka and Andel
It´s not just another quiet day on the farm today. This teen cutie stopped by to see her lover and when she finds out that he´s working all alone at the farm today, she decides to give him a break from work that he´ll never forget. She practically drags him into the hay on top of her. Clothes are ripped off as their sexual energies come awake. She gets fucked right on the hay, right out in the open where anyone could see them. The result is a very messy cumshot all over her small, but perky breasts.

Aneta and Ales
This cute brunette looks so sweet and innocent, but in the middle of this field she reveals her tender body and a whole lot more to this lucky teen stud. She let´s him unbutton her dress, revealing her blossoming womanhood. It also uncovers her out of control sex drive. She´s in heat, ready to have sex anytime or any place. The time is right now and the location is this field just outside of the town of Dorf. She mystifies with just how naughty she can be, yet at the same time so innocent.

Length: 37m:48s

Aneta and Ales
This field outside of Dorf was the location of today´s sexual escapade. These two teens needed to get away from it all. They needed a break. They needed sex to release the built up pressures inside of them. However, there was no place private in town where they could take care of that pressure right now. But they knew about this field. It was wide open, but secluded. It was private enough where they could do whatever they wanted without being bothered. It was the perfect location to satisfy their urges.

Karolina and Kristof
This relaxing romantic evening outdoors, quickly turned into something a lot more x-rated for these two teens. One minute they were just making out by the campfire, the next minute clothes are starting to come off. These teens just can´t control their lust and passion anymore. And why should they? There´s no one around for miles, so what better place to make love than outdoors. It turns into one of the hottest outdoor sex scenes that I´ve seen yet. These two teens know how to have fun outdoors.

Length: 30m:27s

Karolina and Kristof
This teen cutie liked the idea of a romantic campfire, but she would´ve taken off her clothes for him just about anywhere. The fact that they were outdoors, just made her even hotter. It felt so naughty to be naked outside and both of them were so turned on. She had never seen his cock as hard as it was now and she had to have it. She practically demanded to give him a blowjob. Then she was soon begging him to fuck her right there. It was her first time having sex any place outdoors.

Aneta and Ales
Is their any place more natural for these teen lovers? An innocent walk through this forest soon turned into something very naughty. Their hormones are too powerful for them to resist and soon their clothes are coming off. Her tender pussy is eagerly waiting for his attention. He tastes her natural beauty on his tongue and feels her growing soaking wet. She spreads her legs further apart, pulling him into her. He plunges deep inside of her pussy, feeling how dripping wet her tender pussy is around his cock.

Length: 34m:2s

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