Rosa and Victor
Rosa was sitting out in the orchard when one of the farm hands saw her and sneaking up behind her he slipped his hands around to grab hold of her perky titties and give them a squeeze. Rosa turned around and started to kiss Victor. As Rosa kissed his mouth she ran her hand down to his cock and felt him getting harder and as she started to rub him he unbuttoned her shirt to suck on her nipples. As her nipples got nice and hard under his tongue and as she started to get wet she started to beg him to fuck her tight wet pussy and it didn’t take long before Victor couldn’t resist. Spreading Rosa’s legs nice and wide he slowly slid his cock in to her wet pussy lips.

Danielka loves to go out to the stream behind her house just as the sun is going down and sit by the water. That’s not all Danielka likes to do though, she just can’t keep her fingers off her tight body! As she sits there by the water in the warm afternoon sun she starts by sliding her fingers under her dress and brushing them against her soft shaved pussy. As she feels her slit getting wetter she just can’t help but slip a finger inside her tight hole. As she feels her pink slit sucking at her finger she can’t stop herself teasing, knowing that at any minute someone could come by and catch her she just doesn’t care as she keeps fingering her hole!

Length: 10m:13s

Danielka just loves to go out without any panties on underneath her dress. She just can’t get enough of the feel of the warm breeze against her shaved pussy as she walks through the woods! Last weekend Danielka decided to go down to the stream behind her house and as she sat by the river bank she just couldn’t help herself. It all started with a breeze against her pussy but soon enough she had stripped completely naked and she was teasing her delicious pink nipples and fingering her tight shaved pussy. She didn’t care if anyone was watching as she sat by that cool stream and slid her fingers deep inside her hole.

Danielka had decided to take a walk in the woods behind her house the other day but as she got hotter and hotter she realized that she was going to have to find a way to cool herself down! Slowly she looked around to make sure that no one else was watching and then she slipped out of her dress as she stepped in to the cool water. Just the feel of the warm breeze against her soft skin was enough to get her hot and bothered though and it wasn’t long before she was sitting beside the water with her fingers rubbing her plump juicy clitoris! She knew she shouldn’t be doing it out in the open but the thought of getting caught while teasing her pussy got her even hornier!

Length: 11m:22s

Danielka had spent all day waiting for her friends to finish fishing in the stream and she was so hot that she just couldn’t take it anymore! Slipping out of her panties and wearing nothing but her shirt she stepped in to the stream. As she felt the cool water rush over her skin she also felt a cool breeze brush up past her thighs and against her pussy. Walking up stream a little way so she could be sure that no one would catch her Danielka sat on the bank and stripped off completely so that she could tease her tight naked body! At first she just pinched her nipples but soon she couldn’t help herself from fingering her tight wet pussy as well!

Danielka and Gloria
Danielka and Gloria have been best friends for about as long as they could remember but one day last week after a couple of drinks the two of them became much more than best friends! They became lovers! It started off with innocent exploring, touching each other’s perky titties and then sucking on each other’s soft pink nipples but soon enough the girls both found themselves completely naked. As they watched each other with their bodies quivering they dared to reach across and brush their fingers against each other’s delicious shaved pussies! With just one touch the girls got so wet they couldn’t stand it!

Length: 14m:4s

Danielka and Gloria
Danielka and Gloria had been studying so hard for their final exams that once they were over the two of them just couldn’t wait to relax. It didn’t take them long to find a really good way to let go of all of that tension! The girls had planned on having a picnic out in the woods but soon the two of them got a little carried away and instead of eating sandwiches they ended up licking each other’s delicious pink nipples! As the girls got hornier they slid each other’s fingers over their dripping wet pussies. It wasn’t what they had intended on doing to unwind but it was certainly doing the trick! The two of them had never felt so relaxed before!!

Reno and Flavia
Reno and Flavia had been forbidden from seeing each other since they got caught fucking by Flavia’s parents but there was no amount of restraint that could keep these sex crazed teens away from each other! Every afternoon after classes they would meet in a field that was between their houses and where no one else could see they would start to get each other worked up. It would start with just kissing and touching but it never took long before clothes started to come off! After they got naked there was nothing they could do to control themselves and soon there was pussy licking and hardcore fucking going on!

Length: 25m:8s

Reno and Flavia
Reno and Flavia had been working in the fields for most of the day. Neither of them particularly liked working manual labor but it didn’t take them long to find a way to really enjoy their new jobs! Every afternoon just as the sun was going down while everyone else was rushing to finish a long day’s work Reno and Flavia would meet out in the fields and it never failed that they would wind up rolling around in the straw completely naked! It would all begin with a little kissing but that was soon followed by a lot of cock sucking and then full blown fucking and then the two of them were unstoppable. Just the thought of getting caught by their boss made them hornier than ever!

Molly has always been an exhibitionist. There is nothing she likes more than flashing her tight shaved pussy to just about anyone who will look but little did she know that her new neighbor was a total perv! One afternoon as she walked out to one of her favorite hang outs, an old abandoned tree house she climbed up the steps and stripped off to show off her delicious teen body. She had no idea that her neighbor was hiding in the bushes watching the whole thing with his dick in his hand! Watching as she spread her legs and flashed a peek at that sweet delicious shaved pussy of hers. He watched as she slid her fingers over her tight slit and he watched as she teased her perky pink nipples like there was no tomorrow!

Length: 10m:26s

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